Reading Lesson 3 Assignment Sheet 9/24-9/28/18

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  1. lay
  2. real
  3. trail
  4. sweet
  5. today
  6. dream
  7. seem
  8. tea
  9. treat
  10. afraid
  11. leave
  12. bait
  13. screen
  14. speed
  15. paint
  16. please
  17. yesterday
  18. explain



  1. Put Spelling words in A-B-C order Number words.
  2. Write Vocab. Words on the front of index cards with the def. and a pict. to represent the word on the back of the index cards.
  3. Study Spelling & Vocab. words.
  4. September Reading Log due Friday



  1. Reader’s Notebook pp. 29-30
  2. Reader’s Notebook pp. 31-32


WEDNESDAY- Open House Tonight, 6-7pm

  1. Reader’s Notebook pp. 35-36
  2. Reader’s Notebook pp. 37-38



  1. Reader’s Notebook p. 39
  2. Questions for Destiny’s Gift-handout-You must answer all questions in complete sentences.



  1. Reading Log due TODAY!!!
  2. Book Report- due Monday



  1. raise
  2. spreading
  3. earn
  4. figure
  5. contacted
  6. block
  7. afford
  8. customers




Parents, please check your child's schoolbag every day. Many students are not completing their homework assignments. I grade homework assignments. If your child is missing assignments (homework, classwork that isn't completed in school, projects, etc.) I have to enter “Missing-MSG” in Gradebook which counts as a “0”. I have made numerous phone calls home. Many students still have not returned all of their missing work.

Teachers are beginning to work on 1st qtr. Progress Reports. Therefore, this Thursday will be the final day to return any missing assignments prior to progress report grades being submitted.


Please check Parent Portal for your child's grades. You should use the same username and password that you used last year to check your child’s grades. Please stay abreast of your child's grades; I cannot emphasize enough, how important it is to check backpacks daily for graded papers, to look at the classroom website, to check your child's grades, & to make sure your child is completing homework, & studying. Don't just ask your child if he/she has studied, make time to study with your child. Third grade is a benchmark grade. Your child must have passing grades and must pass the MAP test in Reading & Math to be promoted.


This is your child’s yellow homework assignment sheet for Rdg./Lang. Arts/Writing- Lesson 3. Be sure your child has this sheet in his/her Rdg. folder every day. Ea. Monday, students receive this yellow assignment sheet outlining all of the hw assignments for the week as well as important notes for parents. Please be sure your child completes the correct hw ea. day, that you check all papers, & sign ea. assignment. Also, try to listen to your child read ea. night, for at least 20 min. Ask questions about what was read to reinforce comprehension skills.


Please review all graded papers with your child at home & read the comments that I have written on your child’s papers. Let me know if you have any questions. Please sign any papers stamped: “Parents Please Sign” & send them back to school.


Please remember that LATE WORK is lowered 1 entire letter grade.

Our comprehension target skill this week in Reading is “understanding characters”. What characters say & do are clues to their feelings, traits and motivations. Traits are qualities people have such as kindness. Motivations are the reasons for their actions. As we read, we will think about or analyze what the characters say & do. This text evidence will help us evaluate or decide what they are like and what their motives are. We will use the comprehension strategies analyze & evaluate to help us reach our target strategy.


In grammar this week, we will be focusing on compound sentences. Students should recall that a sentence is a group of words that express a complete thought. A sentence has two parts- a subject & a predicate. A simple sentence has 1 subject and 1 predicate & only tells 1 complete thought. Compound sentences are made up of two simple sentences so it tells two complete thoughts.


In Spelling we will be studying words that have the long a and long e sound spelled: ai, ay, ee, or ea.