Reading/Language Arts Assignment Sheet 9/30-10/4/19

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Parents: All Homework Must Be Signed








  1. load
  2. open
  3. told
  4. yellow
  5. soak
  6. shadow
  7. foam
  8. follow
  9. glow
  10. sold
  11. window
  12. coach
  13. almost
  14. throat
  15. cold
  16. most
  17. tomorrow
  18. sailboats



  1. Put Spelling words in A-B-C order. Number words.
  2. Write Vocab. Words on front of index cards with the def. and a picture to represent the word on the back. Please follow directions for Vocab. Cards.
  3.  Study Spelling & Vocab. words



  1. Reader’s Notebook pp. 45-46
  2. Reader’s Notebook pp. 51-52




  1. Reader’s Notebook pp. 53-54



  1. Write a SENTENCE for each Vocab. word; underline the word.



  1. Reading Test/Spelling Test & Vocab. Tests Today
  2. Work on Reading A-Z
  3. IXL Reading-If you have completed all of CC and GG in Reading, complete all of D and AA.
  4. Book Report




  1. balancing
  2. tide
  3. crew
  4. disappears
  5. foggy
  6. stretch
  7. excitement
  8. cling




This is your child’s yellow homework assignment sheet for Rdg./Lang. Arts/Writing- Lesson 4. Be sure your child has this sheet in his/her Rdg. folder every day. Ea. Mon., students will receive this yellow assignment sheet outlining all of the hw assignments for the week as well as important notes for parents. Please be sure your child completes the correct hw ea. day, that you check all papers, & sign ea. assignment so that I will know that you have checked your child’s work.


Also, try to listen to your child read ea. night, for at least 20 min. Ask questions about what was read to reinforce comprehension skills.The Home Letter is also sent home ea. Mon. to keep you abreast of what skills are being covered in Rdg. & what you should be working on at home as well as suggestions for books to pick up at the library for that week.


This week we will be studying Spelling words that have the Long “o” sound spelled “oa” or “ow”.

Our Comprehension skill this week is COMPARE & CONTRAST. When we compare & contrast, we tell how ideas are alike or different. Main characters are alike in some ways but different in others. As we read this week, we will compare and contrast characters or think about how they are alike and different. We will look at their words, actions, traits, motivations and feelings and see how their similarities & differences contribute to the sequence of events in the story.


Our Comprehension strategy that we will be using to develop the above skill is once again- INFER/PREDICT. When we infer we “figure out” what is going on-we figure out what the characters are like by using our own information and what the author says. The author does not always give us all of the information that we need to make a conclusion; sometimes we have to infer to draw a conclusion. When we make a prediction, once again, we use story clues to figure out more about the selection or to draw conclusions. It is important to always check our predictions-Are they correct? Can we confirm that our predictions are true?


In Grammar, we will be working on distinguishing between common & proper nouns. Common nouns are nouns that name a general person, place, thing or idea and are not capitalized unless they appear at the beginning of a sentence, in a title or in a specific name. Proper nouns name a particular person, place, thing or idea and are always capitalized.

In Writing, we will be working on writing “a personal narrative”. A good personal narrative has a strong beginning & a strong ending, the writer’s thoughts & feelings are expressed & details & vivid words help the reader picture the event.

Remember to review all graded papers with your child. Please return any papers stamped-“Parents Please Sign.”


All LATE assignments are lowered 1 letter grade. Words that are capitalized on Spelling tests & Spelling assignments that are NOT proper nouns are marked incorrect.