Math/Science/Social Studies Assignment Sheet 9/9-9/13/19



Week of 9/9/19 to 9/13/19


Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


Monday –School-Home Letter sent home today; Math text pp. 9-10; tear out pages. (Students may write in Math Texts.)



Tuesday-Math text pp. 15-16; show all work 


Wednesday-Math worksheets-Rounding


Thursday -Math pages 21-22 in the math book


Friday –Work on ST Math over the weekend!



Notes for Parents:


This is your child’s first assignment sheet for Math, Science, & Social Studies. The assignments are also posted on the website.


Please have your child work on ST Math at home whenever he/she has some extra time at home-especially on weekends. ST Math provides great practice for the skills & concepts that we will be covering in 3rd grade this year and it will help them prepare for the MAP test. Students are receiving all of their logins today for all of the websites/apps that we use at school and that students should be using at home as well.


This week in Math we will be working with patterns, studying the Commutative & Identity Properties of Addition, rounding to the nearest 10 & 100, & estimating sums & differences. Please see the Math School-Home Letter for additional examples. Students will be writing the rules for rounding in their Math notebooks. We will also be writing the definitions for our Math Vocab. words in our Math notebooks. Please be sure your child has the required folders & notebooks.


Please use the extra practice Math Worksheets on the website ( for additional reinforcement.


In Science, we are studying Investigating Questions/the Scientific Method in chapter 1 and in Social Studies we will begin with Unit 1.


STUDENTS MAY NOT WRITE IN THE SCIENCE TEXT but they can write in the Social Studies book.


This year students must pass their MAP Test in the spring of 2020 as well as have passing grades on their Report cards, & satisfactory attendance in order to be promoted to 4th grade.