Math/Science/Social Studies Assignment Sheet 9/30-10/4/19



Week of 9/30/19 to 10/4/19


Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


MondayMid-Chapter Checkpoint in Math today; Social Studies worksheet-Jumbo Gym-Reading a Map


Tuesday-Finish your science lab that you worked on with Ms. Mroz today. You should have 7 boxes finished with complete sentences. Be sure your sentences make sense and that you made inferences at the end in the last box. Also complete the questions attached in complete sentences. All of this counts as a Science grade. Also do the Math worksheet 1-35. This is a handout and it's not on the website.


Wednesday-Math text pp. 59-60-show all work


Thursday –Math text pp. 65-66-show all work


Friday –Work on ST Math over the weekend and IXL Math skills. Start Reviewing for the test on Chapter 1 next week; use pp. 79-84.


Notes for Parents:


The chapter 1 Math Test will be next week; the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint is today! Students should begin studying ch. 1. They should use pages 79-84 in the Math Text to help them study. Students may complete these pages on their own; they do not need to be handed in. Even though I am not collecting Math pp. 79-84, students should definitely complete all of these pages as a Study Guide to help prepare for the Chapter 1 Test.


Please practice subtraction with regrouping at home; students often have a difficult time with this concept. There are subtraction worksheets on the website under Extra Practice Math Worksheets that students can use at home.


Please remember that students cannot write in their Science Text; this text however is online. When pages are assigned, you may print them out at home for students to complete. Students will be completing copied pages from the Science Text as well as some pages that they must copy themselves onto loose leaf paper. We are continuing to work on ch. 1 in Science as well as ch. 1 in Social Studies.