Math/Science/Social Studies Assignment Sheet 9/23/19-9/27/19



Week of 9/23/19 to 9/27/19


Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet-work on ST Math & IXL Math at home daily when time permits


Monday – Math worksheet # 26; this is a page that I copied from the text. Also complete the short Health worksheet on asthma.


Tuesday-  Social Studies worksheet; Math text pp. 45-46


Wednesday- Science worksheets 6-7; work on ST Math & IXL -see bottom for skills




Thursday –Math text pp. 53-54


Friday –Work on ST Math & IXL Math (Rounding) P1-P4 and (Properties) N3-N4; please continue these skills from last week until they are finished.


Notes for Parents: Parents PLEASE be sure your child is completing homework assignments consistently. Homework provides additional practice with the skills that the students are learning in class. If your child is not completing hw consistently, then he/she is not getting the necessary practice that his/her classmates are getting who are completing hw consistently.


Please remember that Thursday is the last day to hand in late work prior to Progress Reports being sent home for 1st qtr. I cannot take any late assignments on Friday. Please see the yellow Reading assignment schedule for additional notes on late work.


Students are receiving their Math quizzes back today. Please sign and return if necessary. Continue to study and practice at home. Students received their Math Addition Facts last week as well. STUDY. STUDY. STUDY. Facts must be memorized.