Math/Science/Social Studies Assignment Sheet 9/16/19-9/20/19



Week of 9/16/19 to 9/20/19


Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet-work on ST Math & IXL Math at home daily when time permits


Monday – Math text pp. 27-28-tear out pages- show all work for any story problems. Please check your work carefully.



Tuesday- Math worksheet 1-25; this is a worksheet that was handed to the students today to put in their folders. It reviews what we have been learning in Math about rounding and compatible numbers. 


Wednesday- Code Yellow Today at School

Math text pp. 33-34


Thursday –Math text pp.  39-40 ; study for quiz tomorrow in Math


Friday –MATH QUIZ on what we’ve learned so far in Math chapter 1…Work on ST Math & IXL Math (Rounding) P1-P9 and (Properties) N1-N4  over the weekend & complete your Reading Book Report. (See Reading Assignment Sheet for Reading IXL skills.)


Notes for Parents:This week, we will continue to work on Compatible Numbers, Estimating Sums, and the Associative Property of Addition. The Associative Property states that when you group addends in different ways, you still get the same sum- (16+7)+23=16+(7+23) We have already discussed the Commutative Property & the Identity Property. Please study with your child at home & make sure he/she is completing all homework assignments consistently.


Also, students must remember to show all work when completing story problems and not just write the answers. Points will be deducted from story problems that only have answers where the work is not shown.

Please be sure your child uses the correct heading on all looseleaf sheets with the correct subject listed & pg. #’s.


Study consistently. Work on ST Math and IXl when time allows (especially on weekends) and turn in all hw on time. Late homework will be lowered 1 letter grade this week. Remember ST Math practice and IXl are extremely important. Students need to be at 75% in ST Math by the end of April. Research shows that students who have completed at least 75%-80% of ST Math prior to standardized testing will definitely show increased gains in Math.


Please be sure your child is keeping up with all books and assignments. The Social Studies magazine is very easy to misplace. Students should keep it in his/her Social Studies folder. We don't have any extra Social Studies magazines so please remind your child to be careful with this book in particular as well as all books.