Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 9/24-9/28/18



Week of 9/24/18 to 9/28/18


Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

Work on ST Math & IXL


Monday –Animal Research Assignment sent home today-due Thursday. Math text pp. 33-34 and Social Studies Worksheet


Tuesday-Study! Math text pp. 39-40-Remember the Math Quiz on Friday!!!



Wednesday-Open House Tonight! (6-7pm) Animal Report due Tomorrow!!!! Math worksheet for homework tonight.





Thursday –



Friday –Mid-Chapter Checkpoint for Chapter 1-(Quiz) September Reading Log due Today! Work on ST Math and IXL over the weekend.


Notes for Parents:


Students will have a Math Quiz on Friday of this week. They must know how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, & the nearest 1,000; they must be able to identify even & odd numbers; know the definition of the Identity Property of Addition and a pattern; and be able to solve addition & subtraction story problems some involving rounding (similar to what they have already completed in their Math texts thus far.) Review what we have already studied in ch.1 and go back to look at all of your graded Math papers to help you prepare for this quiz.


We are working on the Scientific Method & Investigating Questions in Science, and Maps and Globes in Social Studies.


This Thursday is the last day to hand in late work prior to teachers completing progress reports for 1st qtr. The Animal Research Assignment must be handed in by Thursday to count for progress report grades. If handed in after Thursday, the assignment will be marked late according to our hw policy and will not be included in progress report grades but will count toward 1st qtr. report card grades.


Parents please sign up for our classroom Dojo. A letter explaining how to sign up was sent home last week.