Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 4/30-5/4/18



Week of 4/30/18-5/4/18


Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


We will not have a separate Reading assignment sheet this week. We will be working on Ready Core Test Prep in Reading this week and our regular Math, Science, and Social Studies Lessons as well as Health and Research.


Monday –April Reading Logs-please hand in if you have not yet done so. Today we will have our Reading Test for Lesson 24. Start working on the Math ch. 10 Review pp. 617-622; test this Thursday on Math ch. 10.


For homework tonight, finish your Science Lab from Ms. Mroz's class and complete Math text pp. 603-604.


Tuesday-Math text pp. 609-610 and half sheet of  LONG division. "Toy Talk" Poem with questions. STUDY for the Math ch. 10 TEST on Thursday!!!!



Wednesday- Math text pp.615-616

; remember to study for your Math Test on ch. 10 TOMORROW!!!



Thursday –POEM-Spelling Bee with questions and math text pp. 511-512.

Ch. 10 Math Test TODAY



Friday –-Math text pp. 517-518; 1/2 of a sheet of division and work on IXL Skills in the orange MAP Test Prep folder and ST Math.X Fact Quiz on 11’s & 12’s-ST Math, XtraMath, IXL Math & Reading (Use your IXL log in your orange folder.)


Notes for Parents:

Parents, if you have not yet done so, please log onto Think Central and review your child’s Chapter 8 Math Test score and Reading Test score on Lesson 23. Today we are having our Lesson 24 Reading Test.


Our MAP tests in Reading & Math are in a couple of weeks. Please be sure that your child has completed all of the IXL Reading & Math skills in his/her orange MAP Test folder. These skills will reinforce the concepts that we have covered this year and provide additional practice in your child’s MAP test target areas. Please remember that this final Spring MAP test is the test that is part of your child’s promotion to 4th grade. We are working on Reading Ready Core test prep this week as well as reviewing other Reading skills. Please read, study, and practice at home with your child regularly. Be sure that he/she does not miss any homework assignments.


We will continue with Chapter 9 this week and finish up Chapter 10- Time, Length, Liquid Volume, and Mass. Remember there are extra practice Math & Reading worksheets on our classroom website (-you must type in the complete web address in the address bar to find the website.) The Chapter 10 Math Test is this Thursday. Please start working on the ch. 10 Review pp. 617-622.


We will continue to have long division homework. Students must remember our 4 steps: Divide, Multiply, Subtract, and Bring Down. They must also remember to LINE UP their numbers correctly when dividing.


Please be sure that your child is keeping up with homework assignments. Homework provides additional practice with the skills/concepts that we are covering in class.