Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 4/22-4/26/19


Week of 4/22/19-4/26/19

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

No Reading Assignment Sheet this week


Monday – Math Text pp. 615-616; Square Root Sheet; Reading Comprehension Story: “Silent Music”


Tuesday- Chapter 10 Math Test Today; 1/2 Division sheet (Long Division-4 problems); Finish Science Lab; Reading Comprehension Story-"The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg"

Wednesday- Math text pp. 629-630-Chapter 11-Area & Perimeter; comprehension story-A Ghost Story

Thursday –Math text pp. 635-636; Research worksheet 654-655

Friday – Field Trip to Adler: Bring Your Lunch: IXL Skills: Math : 3rd grade: Understand Fractions: W’s-Z’s, Decimals: AA.1-AA.9, Units of Measurement: BB1-BB21, Time: T1-T14

IXL Skills: Reading: 3rd grade: Main Idea: A1-A2, Authors Purpose: B1-B2, Inference: F1-F4, Analyzing Informational Text: H1-H4, Text Structure: C1-C6, Shades of Meaning: AA1-AA3, Text Features J1, Prefixes/Suffixes T1-T12, Greek and Latin Roots: U1-U3, Synonyms and Antonyms X1-X6

WELCOME BACK!! I hope everyone had a safe & relaxing Spring Break. We’re back at school and ready to hit the ground running!!! Our MAP Test is next month! We will be working super hard these next few weeks learning new skills and reviewing what we already know!

We will begin Chapter 11, Area & Perimeter. Please study and practice with your child daily. Review the skills in the previous Math Chapters. Pull out the old chapters and have your child study them and work on any problems that we didn’t complete in those chapters. Today we went over the Math worksheet page in the Spring Break packet. We will be reviewing the answers in the Spring Break Math booklet as well. Be sure your child has the booklet at school daily. Our test on Chapter 10 will be tomorrow on the iPads; you will be able to view this test on Think Central. Continue to study the types of figurative language in Reading, Point of View, Flashbacks and Foreshadowing, and Greek/Latin Roots. For the past several weeks we have been making flashcards for our Greek and Latin Roots. Study those at home. They will be on the MAP Test. Students will receive a Flashbacks/Foreshadowing packet this week.