Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 4/1/19-4/5/19


Week of 4/1/19-4/5/19

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

No Reading Assignment Sheet this week

IAR Testing continues this week..


Math text pp.: Math text pp. 589-590 and 1/2 sheet of long division-6 problems g-i

Tuesday- Math worksheet 6 (Fraction review-reducing fractions), Point of View Worksheet, and study for Mid-Chapter Quiz tomorrow; the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint that is your quiz tomorrow is in your book; do not tear it out at home; do not complete it at home; just study it


Wednesday- Math Worksheet 10-8/10-10


Thursday – Math/Reading Test Prep Packet


Friday –No Classes today-ST MATH and IXL Math W’s-Z’s; Reading U1-U3 (3rd and 4th)

Please be sure that your child is completing all assignments and spending time studying at home as we end 3rd qtr. and enter 4th.

Many students are having difficulty telling time. Please practice with your child at home. Telling time will be on the MAP test. Also continue to review fractions-reducing fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions, and fraction story problems as well as multiplying decimals. We will continue to work on Unit 3 in Science-Plants & Animals. Please be sure that your child is studying and practicing consistently. Use IXL to review skills in both Reading & Math. When graded papers are sent home, please review them with your child.