Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 3/11-3/15/18


Week of 3/11-3/15/19

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet-


Monday –- Math text pp.  517-518; work on your IXL Fraction skills


Tuesday- Math text pp. 523-524


Wednesday- Math text pp. 529-530


Thursday –Study for your Mid-Chapter Checkpoint tomorrow-chapter 9


Friday –President Research Assignment Due Today-

 IXL Math: W1-W22

 IXL Reading : Be sure you have finished T1-T12. Please start on U1-U3.

Notes for Parents:

Students just received their progress reports this past Friday. Please review them with your child. If you have any questions about grades, please FIRST check CPS Gradebook Parent Portal and print out a copy of your child’s grades so you can see how and why your child received the grades that he/she received, then contact me with further questions. Also please look at your child’s Reading tests for Harcourt Journeys on Think Central.  I will be entering new grades tomorrow so the averages that you saw on progress reports will change tomorrow as I update the scores. For example, the Science Test on Unit 7 that the students took last week will be entered, so your child’s Science grade will change.


Please be sure that your child is completing all hw assignments. Please do not wait until the end of the 3rd quarter to start checking CPS Parent Portal to see what your child is missing. Be consistent. Students still have time to bring up their grades prior to 3rd qtr. Report Cards. Students may turn in late/missing work for 3rd qtr. now. I will accept any missing assignments from 3rd qtr until the deadline for Report Cards. You will be notified of that deadline when it is time for us to complete Report Cards. Parents you must check Parent Portal and you must make sure your child is keeping up with assignments. It gets very confusing for your child when he/she starts to miss work and is trying to catch up at the very end of a marking period. You must check our classroom website as where you will find all of the assignment sheets posted.

We have been working very hard on multiplication & division. Students have been learning how to write fractions correctly, how to multiply and divide fractions, how to reduce fractions and how to write them in simplest form. We will be learning how to add and subtract fractions with like denominators and unlike denominators. With unlike denominators, we will be finding the LCD or the least common denominator. Please practice/review with your child at home. Ask your child to see his/her Math spiral where take notes and work out problems from the board daily.

It is extremely important that students practice their facts consistently in order to master these operations. Practice must be consistent.