Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 2/25-3/1/19



Week of 2/25-3/1/19

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet-No Language Arts Assignment Sheet


Monday –- Math text pp. 471-472 all; Worksheet-"Find the Mistakes"; IXL skills


Tuesday- Math text pp. 479-480; Chapter 8 Math Test next week-start on your Chapter Review pp. 499-504; this will not be collected. Also for hw tonight, complete Reading Ready Core pp. 66-69, on looseleaf paper-(remember your heading.) You may not write in your books. Also there will be a Science Test on Unit 7; Water and Weather next week. We are coming to the end of Unit 7. Begin studying pp. 319-322 as a review and review all Vocabulary in the Unit.


Wednesday- Math text pp. 485-486; Social Studies Worksheet


Thursday – Math text pp. 491-492


Friday –   READING  READY CORE pp. 86-91 -CAC SHOW!!!!Work on IXL and ST Math over the weekend.

IXL Math: E1-G20-PLEASE FINISH; start on I1-J12


Notes for Parents:


Just a reminder that we are still in the CAC working on our Arts Integrated Unit. Last week we sent home copies of the songs that the students need to know for the final performance March 1. Please practice with your child at home. He/She MUST memorize the words to ALL of the songs. Friday will be here before you know it!


Also this week students will be bringing home their Ready Core Reading for homework. Remember this is our test prep Curriculum. They are not allowed to write in them. Please be sure that your child takes care of these books as they are new, they’re soft covered books and could be easily damaged, and they must be used next year. We will continue to work on our regular Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Research lessons. Students must stay organized and responsible for his/her materials while in the CAC. All students are responsible for keeping up with his/her own materials and personal belongings –books, supplies, assignments, classwork and homework as well as any CAC materials distributed to students. Teachers will not be able to keep up with materials for students. Third graders must be responsible and organized, especially in the CAC where there are no desks.


Please be sure that your child is completing all hw assignments. Please do not wait until the end of the quarter to start checking CPS Parent Portal to see what your child is missing. Be consistent.


We have been working very hard on multiplication & division. Students have been learning how to write fractions correctly, how to multiply large numbers, how to multiply decimals, how to write multiplication and division fact families and how to calculate exponents. Please practice/review with your child at home.


It is extremely important that students practice their facts consistently in order to master these operations. Practice must be consistent.


Students will also be bringing home quite a few graded papers this week. Please look out for them and/or ask your child if you don’t see them.