Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 2/24-2/28/20

Math IXL: Work on K (Division Fluency) and L (Division); start on W (Fractions)


Reading IXL: Try to complete all of W (Prefixes & Suffixes-3rd gr); 3rd grade OO; and do 4th grade I.1 and 2




Week of 2/24-2/28/20

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


Monday –Health/Brainpop worksheet-think about the video that we saw today on hand washing; Math text pp. 459-460 (Please return Report Cards.)



Tuesday-1/4  sheet of multiplication; Math text pp. 465-466


Wednesday- Math text p. 464; study for Math quiz




Thursday – Math text pp. 471-472; LAST DAY FOR LATE WORK prior to Progress Reports



Friday – Math Quiz on Chapter 8-Mid-Chapter Checkpoint; IXL/ST MATH/Reading A—Z; work on Feb./March Reading Log


Notes for Parents:


Please remember that we are working on Fractions in Chapter 8. We are skipping Chapter 7. Chapter 7 is Division as well and students will be asked to work on Chapter 7 at home to continue their practice with division and multiplication facts.


We are having a Math quiz Friday on Chapter 8-the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint.


Please continue to check CPS Aspen Parent Portal to see your child’s grades.


Students should continue to work on IXL Math & ST Math at home as much as possible. Focus on IXL Multiplication and Division.