Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 2/10-2/14/20

Math IXL: Work on K (Division Fluency) and L (Division) & ST Math


Reading IXL: Have you completed B (Theme) and C (Author’s Purpose)? Try to complete all of W (Prefixes & Suffixes) Also work on Reading A-Z.




Week of 2/10-2/14/20

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


Monday – Math text pp. 337-338




Tuesday- Math text pp. 343-344



Wednesday-Math text pp. 349-350




Thursday –Math text pp. 355-356; Chapter 6 test on Tuesday



Friday –IXL/ST MATH; Also work on Math text pp. 357-362-the Chapter Review in the back of the text. The Math test on ch. 6 will be Tuesday, February 18. STUDY!! STUDY!! STUDY!!!!


Notes for Parents:


Please sign and return 2nd qtr. Report Cards.


Many students appear to be just rushing through their Math homework  and not using the lesson pages taught in class to help them, they’re not paying attention to the Math Vocabulary used in questions, and not reading the word problems carefully; some students are skipping questions.  Please check over the Math homework with your child at home. Also pay attention to graded papers that are sent home and review them. Continue to study regularly and practice x and ÷ facts.


In Social Studies we are continuing to work on our new magazine, “Communities”, and in Science we are working on “Plants & Animals”.


Remember students will see multiplication as well as division on their final MAPs test that they must pass to be promoted to 4th grade. Please schedule a regular study time for your child to practice at home. Make use of all of the worksheets available on the class website.


Please continue to check CPS Aspen Parent Portal to see your child’s grades.


Students should always work on IXL Math & ST Math at home as much as possible. Focus on IXL Multiplication and Division.