Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 12/17-12/21/18



Week of 12/17-12/21/18

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


No Reading Assignment Sheet This Week


Monday –-Math text pp. 219-220; study for Quiz tomorrow


Tuesday- Math Quiz-MidChapter Checkpoint Today; Math Text pp. 227-228 for homework; start working on the Math Chapter Review at the end of the text-pp. 253-258 to prepare for Friday’s Test on Math ch. 4 and Math Worksheet as well. STUDY YOUR MULTIPLICATION FACTS!!!!!!!



Wednesday- READING MAP TEST TODAY- Math homework for today-Math pp. 233-234 and 235-236




Thursday –____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Friday –Math Chapter 4 Test Today; over the Winter Break, students will have a short Math/Reading Packet to complete. Be sure to continue to work on ST Math at least an hour a day as well as IXL Skills-an hour each day (30 min. Reading/30 min. Math)


IXL Math: E1 through G20

IXL Reading: P1-P12 should already have been completed; T1-T6; U1-U3; V1-V3


Notes for Parents:

Students must continue to study their multiplication facts. There are extra practice multiplication sheets on the classroom website as well as multiplication flashcards. We are also working on multiplying three and four digits by one digit in our Math spirals. Please practice at home. Students will be given a few problems each day to complete at home in addition to their regular Math hw; please ask your child to see his/her Math spiral. These problems will not be collected; we will be working them out each day and checking them on the board in class, so your child needs to have them completed in case he/she has to work out a problem on the board.