Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 12/16-12/20/19

IXL Math: Complete all of E, F and G over the Winter Break.


IXL Reading: Complete 3rd grade A & B, W. 1-10, CC 1-3, AA 1-6, DD 1-3; then 4th Grade A & B, 4th Grade F. 1-3 over the Winter Break


No Reading Assignment Sheet this week




Week of 12/16/19 to 12/20/19

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


Monday – Math text pp. 195-196 ; study your multiplication facts & complete your hyperbole worksheet



Tuesday- Field Trip today-bring a bag lunch!!

Math text pp. 201-202; study your multiplication facts; work on IXL skills and ST Math


Wednesday- Math text pp.  207-208; work on Math IXL and ST Math-not Reading A-Z-not Reading IXL today


Thursday –Science text pp. 40-41 (copied from the text)-the Science text is on ThinkCentral & Math worksheet 206




Notes for Parents: (over)

We have not yet received a reschedule date for our MAPs Testing. I will email parents when this is finalized. This week, due to our field trip and other activities, we will not complete Lesson 11 in Reading. Students may work on the Lesson 11 Vocabulary cards, ABC Order for Spelling words, and read the story in the Journeys text to get a head start. You may also start on Lesson 12. Please take the time over the break to work on IXL skills, ST Math, and Reading A-Z. I have placed books in the students’ folders for Reading A-Z. Try to get your ST Math percentage up to at least 30% over the winter break and try to complete all of the IXL skills assigned. I will also send home some extra practice worksheets that students can complete to stay abreast of their skills in case you do not have access to the internet over the break. This does not need to be handed in.



Please continue to have your child work on Multiplication. Students must memorize all of their x facts; they will see multiplication as well as division on their final MAPs test that they must pass to be promoted to 4th grade. You may want to have your child make multiplication flash cards-(there are flashcards on the website as well many x practice sheets under Extra Practice Math Worksheets), and you may have your student write all of the x facts from 0 to 12 to practice. I will be sending home a list of all of the facts to study. Please schedule a regular study time for your child to practice at home.


Please continue to check CPS Aspen Parent Portal to see your child’s grades.