Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 10/9-10/12/18



Week of 10/9/18 to 10/12/18


Math, Science, & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

We will be having a Math Test on all of ch. 1 on Friday.


Monday –COLUMBUS DAY holiday


Tuesday- Math Subtraction Worksheet for homework; show all work; review for ch. 1 Math Test on Friday; use pgs. 79-84 to review; students should have completed pp. 79-84 on their own to review for the test; pages 79-84 will not be collected


Wednesday- Math text pp. 71-72; be sure you are studying for your Math Test Friday


Thursday –Math text pp. 77-78; STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!



Friday Ch. 1 Math Test on Think Central; parents may check scores on Think Central . Work on ST Math and October Reading Log over the weekend.


Notes for Parents:


Please return your Progress Report signed

Our ch. 1 Math Test is Friday. This test covers the entire ch. 1 Math text. Students should have been using pp. 79-84 to review for the test . This is the Study Guide.