Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 1/6-1/10/20

How much have you completed?


IXL Math: Complete all of E, F and G


IXL Reading: Complete 3rd grade A & B, W. 1-10, CC 1-3, AA 1-6, DD 1-3; then 4th Grade A & B, 4th Grade F. 1-3




Week of 1/6/19 to 1/10/19

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


Monday – Math text pp. 227-228; study!!



Tuesday- Mid-Chapter Checkpoint Quiz for ch. 4 Today and for hw Math text pp. 226; show all work for story problems


Wednesday-Math text pp. 233-234-Spelling Bee in classroom tomorrow; ch. 4 Math TEST next week



Thursday –Math text pp. 239-240


Friday –Work on the Math ch. 4 Review in the back of the text in preparation for the ch. 4 Math test next week. (pp. 253-258)




Notes for Parents:


Remember we’re in the CAC for the next two weeks.


Students are receiving their Math Chapter 3 tests today. Please review them at home. Last week students received a pink paper listing the Table of Measurements that students will see on their Spring MAP test. Please have students study this at home and keep in their Math folders but remember to have it in school every day as well.


Please continue to have your child work on Multiplication. Students must memorize all of their x facts; they will see multiplication as well as division on their final MAPs test that they must pass to be promoted to 4th grade. You may want to have your child make multiplication flash cards-(there are flashcards on the website as well many x practice sheets under Extra Practice Math Worksheets), and you may have your student write all of the x facts from 0 to 12 to practice. I will be sending home a list of all of the facts to study. Please schedule a regular study time for your child to practice at home.


Please continue to check CPS Aspen Parent Portal to see your child’s grades.


Students should continue to work on IXL Math & ST Math at home as much as possible. Focus on IXL Multiplication and Division.