Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 1/21-1/24/20

IXL Math-Work on 3rd grade D. which is all division.

IXL Reading-Author’s Message 3rd grade C.1-2; 3rd grade BB.1-3 and 4th grade BB.1-3




Week of 1/21/20 to 1/24/20

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


Monday –Dr. King Holiday-No Classes


Tuesday- Math text pp. 271-272; chapter 5


Wednesday- Chapter 4 Math Test rescheduled for today!!!!

Math text pp. 279-280; students ,made a list of all of their missing assignments today; all late work is due by Monday, 1/27



Thursday – Math text pp. 285-286 and Social Studies worksheet-Reading A Map.


Friday –  Math text pp. 291-292 for over the weekend. Monday, January 27 is the last day for late work prior to report cards. I will not be able to accept any work after 1/27.

Math quiz on Chapter 5 Monday. Start working on the Math Review in the back of the text to prepare for the Chapter 5 Test also next week.




Notes for Parents:



Back to our regular schedule!!! Our chapter 4 Math Test is rescheduled for Wednesday. It will be a regular paper/pencil test, not online. We are continuing with Chapter 5. I cannot emphasize enough, how important it is for the students to memorize their X Facts. If they know their X facts, then they will also know their division facts. Chapter 5 is a short chapter with only 5 lessons; we will complete this chapter by next week. Expect the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint quiz early next week and the test by the end of next week. Then we will move right into Chapter 6 which is all division. Please have your child complete the Multiplication  IXL skills from the past two weeks and begin IXL Skill D which is all division. Division is going to be extremely complicated without a firm grasp on the multiplication facts.


Remember students will see multiplication as well as division on their final MAPs test that they must pass to be promoted to 4th grade. Please schedule a regular study time for your child to practice at home. Make use of all of the worksheets available on the class website.


We are continuing to work on Science and Social Studies skills as well as we return to our regular schedule after the two week CAC Arts Integrated Unit.


Please continue to check CPS Aspen Parent Portal to see your child’s grades.


Students should continue to work on IXL Math & ST Math at home as much as possible. Focus on IXL Multiplication and Division.