Math, Science, and Social Studies Assignment Sheet 1/2-1/3/20

How much have you completed?


IXL Math: Complete all of E, F and G


IXL Reading: Complete 3rd grade A & B, W. 1-10, CC 1-3, AA 1-6, DD 1-3; then 4th Grade A & B, 4th Grade F. 1-3


No Reading Assignment Sheet this week




Week of 1/2/20-1/3/20

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet


Thursday – Math text pp. 213-214; Science worksheet 43-44 (from the text); also some students need to finish their x facts



Friday – Math text pp.  219-220; We are having Math hw this weekend.


Notes for Parents: (over)


Happy New Year parents and students!!! I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead!!! Let’s get back to work!!!


Our Reading & Math Winter MAP Testing have been completed. We will be able to send results home soon.


For this short week, we will continue to work on Chapter 4 and next week we will have our quiz on Chapter 4-the MidChapter Checkpoint that’s in the text. We will not begin another Reading Lesson until next week-Lesson 11-January 6. Also next week begins our Arts Integrated Unit in the CAC.- “Dancing Through the Decades.”  Students have already chosen their interests groups and will be working in these groups during the unit…we have Art, Drama, and Music/Dance…ask your child to let you know what group he/she is in. All students were not able to receive their first choice for groups due to the number of students we had to place in each group. We do need parent volunteers, so please contact me with a note or email if you are able to help out and what days/times are convenient. While in the CAC we will continue to work on our regular Reading & Math Lessons. Lesson 11 however, will be divided between the two weeks and we won’t have the Lesson 11 test until the week of January 13.




Old Reminders: Please continue to have your child work on Multiplication. Students must memorize all of their x facts; they will see multiplication as well as division on their final MAPs test that they must pass to be promoted to 4th grade. You may want to have your child make multiplication flash cards-(there are flashcards on the website as well many x practice sheets under Extra Practice Math Worksheets), and you may have your student write all of the x facts from 0 to 12 to practice. I will be sending home a list of all of the facts to study. Please schedule a regular study time for your child to practice at home.


Please continue to check CPS Aspen Parent Portal to see your child’s grades.