1. We will be using a website called IXL in our classroom this year. IXL is a
comprehensive math review site with an unlimited number of practice
questions in thousands of skills—all of which are aligned to state
standards. One of the best things about IXL is that your child can access
it from home, so you have a chance to see your child's progress!



This site has thousands of leveled books and resources in printable and digital formats in English and Spanish. There are Science eBooks, videos, and many other eResources!!! You will need the teacher username: nparks10 and your child's username. Everyone's password is "disney"-lowercase. 

Reading A-Z/RAZ Kids/Science A-Z


2. Grammar Practice


3. ST MATH-Each child has a unique
password given to him/her by ST MATH that he/she must memorize;
teachers do not have a copy of the password. I will be monitoring
the students' progress and we will be working on ST Math at
school as well. Try to allow your child time to work on ST Math at home; research shows that
students who complete at least 75% of the entire ST Math syllabus
(or more) will show greater success on the Math portion of the
MAP test.


4. Students are working on coding this year! We are very excited
because they are being introduced to computer programming!! Each child has a
unique picture password to sign in.


5. This is a digital library complete with audio, text highlighting,
and an embedded dictionary.

To read on MyON:

a.Click on the blue link below.
b.School Name: Walt Disney Magnet School
c.Username: Student's First Initial, Last Name and last 4 digits
of Student ID
d.Password: myoncps
Students have already been using MyON and know how to log in.


6. Think Central is a website that allows parents & students access
to the Harcourt Reading/Language Arts materials, Math and Science, that we use in
the classroom. Be sure to click "Private School" in the District drop down and then Walt Disney Magnet School . (updated 11/5/18) The majority of the students
will log in with the first letter of their first name and their last
name-all lowercase & the password is disney-all lowercase. 

Example- (for most students but not all students)

        username: mmouse
        password: disney 

Several students will have usernames that follow a different pattern. However, their

passwords will still be-disney. All students will be receiving copies of the usernames and

passwords to take home and a set to use at school.

Once you log on, you will be able to click on THINGS TO
will give you your child's Reading test score & you will see your
child's answers & what he/she had wrong; you will be able to go
over the test with your child at home.  Clicking on "MY LIBRARY"
will give you access to Harcourt Resources that we use in school.
Clicking on "THINGS TO DO" will give you assignments that your child can
do at home or assignments for school. Right now there aren't any online
assignments listed under "THINGS TO DO". Overall this is a great
website that provides many resources for parents & students.
Please let me know if you have any questions.



7. Fast Forword Link-Students can log in to Fast Forword at home. They should enter
the name of their school: Walt Disney Magnet School (the school
will show up & they should click on the name.)The username is
their first name (it may be lowercase letters) & the password
is "disney."


8.   MATH TEXT-GO Math

GO MATH Grade 3


9. Journeys Reading Text


10. Journeys Reader's Notebook (Workbook)


11. Journeys Audio Hub-audio version of every story in the Reading text


12. Journeys Grammar Snap Videos that Correspond to Lessons


13.  Science Text (if link doesn't work or freezes, log in to Think Central to access Science text.)


14. Parents check your child's grades regularly on CPS PARENT PORTAL!!!


15. Adapted Mind Videos to Help Students with Math Concepts/Test Prep


16. MATH MAP TEST PRACTICE (Practice by RIT Level; the higher the RIT, the harder the problem!)


17. Reading Test Prep Practice




19. Educational Games


20. These are videos from New American Cursive that show proper
pencil and paper position for cursive writing as well as the
correct way to hold your pencil for right-handers and for left handers.


21. Pebble Go-Database for Animal Research

username: disney

password: disney


22. Tumble Books

username: waltdisney

password: books


23. Flocabulary

These are amazing videos that help students master content, build vocabulary and engage in 21st-century skills.


Go to this web address and enter this code:  PY3Z8Z Then students enter their username and password. Everyone's password is waltdisney.