Homework 2019-2020

Homework 2019-2020

Homework Policy – Third Grade - Ms.Parks/212



Third graders will have homework Monday- Friday. Homework is a very important part of your child’s education; it reinforces activities/concepts learned in class and provides extra practice in specific areas. Please take time to supervise your child when he/she is completing homework, however, refrain from giving him/her the “answers” as this might interfere with the learning process. If your child is experiencing difficulty with an assignment, have him/her explain the directions to you. Ask your child to tell you what we discussed in class. Complete two or three problems/questions together and then encourage him/her to work independently. Use the extra practice worksheets on the classroom website to provide your child with additional help. Please inform me if your child is consistently experiencing problems with homework. http://teacherweb.com/controls/dhtmleditor/images/emdgust.gif

Students will receive homework in several subject areas each night.


Late homework will be lowered by one letter grade http://teacherweb.com/controls/dhtmleditor/images/face7.gif All homework is due the NEXT school day unless otherwise noted on your child’s assignment sheets. For Reading, your child will receive a yellow homework sheet each Monday outlining ALL of the assignments for the ENTIRE week, including the weekly Spelling & Vocabulary words and notes for parents. These assignments sheets will also be posted on the website along with IMPORTANT notes/reminders for parents and links to educational websites with excellent resources for parents & students.



Spelling & Reading tests will be given in class each Friday and occasionally a book report assignment to complete over the weekend and due that following Monday. Please review the Reading homework sheet with your child each Monday and help him/her to prepare for Friday’s Spelling & Reading Tests. Students will start out the year by taking traditional paper & pencil Reading Tests & Math Tests that will be graded and sent home, and then move onto Reading Tests & Math Tests on Think Central. Parents will be able to log into Think Central at home to view their child’s online tests.


Think Central also provides access to the Reading, Math, & Science texts as well as other valuable resources for students. There is a link on our classroom website.


Please make sure your child returns homework every day so he/she won’t fall behind in assignments. http://teacherweb.com/controls/dhtmleditor/images/face4.gif




For Math, Science and Social Studies, students will be given a blank yellow homework sheet on which to record their assignments. This sheet will also contain notes and reminders for parents regarding those subject areas as well as homeroom news. Also check our classroom website for additional information. (Our web address is listed at the end of this letter and there will also be a link to all teacher websites on the Disney homepage.) Remember both assignment sheets will be posted on the website. The Math, Science, SS assignment sheet will be filled in daily on the website in addition to students filling theirs in at school with the appropriate assignments each day. Be sure your child has both assignment sheets in his/her folder each day.




Please make an effort to review both assignment sheets with your child so you will always be aware of what is expected. In addition to regularly scheduled homework, we are asking that each student try to spend 20 minutes reading each night. Parents, please try to make time to listen to your child read and ask him/her questions about what was read. This will help to improve his/her comprehension skills and help to prepare your child for upcoming standardized tests such as MAP & PARCC. Remember MAP is used by CPS for Promotion in 3rd, 6th, & 8th grades.




Students will be working on ST MATH in class; ST MATH homework will also be assigned. There is a link to ST MATH on our website. Most of the problems/skills that children will see in ST Math will appear on the MAP test. It is extremely important that students spend time on ST Math daily. Parents will be notified when students' log-ins for ST MATH are working. We will also be using IXL to reinforce concepts in both Reading & Math as well. Students will receive log-ins for IXL and they will be asked to work on specific topics at home. In addition, we have eSpark. Third-graders will be using eSpark to help them increase their MAP scores. It targets students’ weaknesses and builds on their strengths. eSpark can only be accessed at school. Please be mindful of log-ins when they are sent home so you can keep track of your child’s username & password for all school websites.




Students will also receive a Reading Log at the beginning of the month, starting in September, and this must be handed in at the end of each month indicating the books (and their genres) read by your child. The Reading Log must be fully completed by the child on time and signed by a parent to be accepted. There will be a separate letter and a sample Reading log sent home this week to explain this in more detail.




Homework is collected each day. Parents, please be sure your child places all homework in his/her homework folder and that you sign each assignment before it is returned to school. Graded papers will be sent home regularly. PLEASE review all graded papers with your child. If your child consistently misses homework assignments and/or hands in overdue work, you will be notified by phone, email, or a note home.  Parents, it is your responsibility to check the CPS Aspen Parent Portal for Gradebook. You will be able to access your child’s grades, check to see if he/she is missing assignments, and you can call/email me anytime if you have questions. Please don’t wait until progress report and report card time to start checking Gradebook. There is a link to the CPS Aspen Parent Portal on our classroom website. We will be sending home a copy of log-in instructions to parents at the beginning of the year; please hang onto to it; you will need it throughout the year.


Please feel free to contact me at school (note, email, or phone call) if you have any questions or concerns regarding homework, tests, etc…

Remember, when sending a note or money to school please try to enclose it in an envelope with your child’s name and homeroom number on the front. Do not send loose money to school if possible.


Thank you very much for your support! http://teacherweb.com/controls/dhtmleditor/images/emstar.gif

Ms. N. Parks


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