February 14, 2020 HOMEWORK

Students have this copy in their folders.






Today we had to complete our Weekly Reading test for Lesson 14-Aero and Officer Mike on paper because the online test wasn’t working. Students will receive their graded tests on Tuesday. Please sign any Parents Please Sign tests when you receive them and return them on Wednesday, February 19. Also please return your child’s 2nd qtr. Report Card ASAP. If your child received a yellow failure notice please sign and return that notice with the Report Card as well.


We have a long weekend which makes our week shorter. We will still have our regular Reading Test on Friday, February 21 on Lesson 15-The Extra-Good Sunday. So, over the weekend, please have your child complete the Vocabulary cards for the Vocab. Words Lesson 15 and the ABC order for the Lesson 15 Spelling words. The Spelling words are in the Journeys Reader’s Notebook-this book is on the website. Vocab. Cards and ABC Order will be due Tuesday February 18. Also read the story for Lesson 15 with your child over the weekend and study the Grammar concept in the lesson.


Also if time allows, work on the IXL skills for the week (look at the website) and ST Math.


Remember the Math Test for Chapter 6 begins on Tuesday as well. Students should have the Chapter Review in the back of the text completed as a Study Guide.