Assignment Sheet 1/13/20-1/17/20

IXL Math: Complete all of E, F and G


IXL Reading: Complete 3rd grade A & B, W. 1-10, CC 1-3, AA 1-6, DD 1-3; then 4th Grade A & B, 4th Grade F. 1-3




Week of 1/13/20 to 1/17/20

Math, Science & Social Studies Assignment Sheet

No Reading Assignment Sheet but we are having Reading Homework


Monday – Math text pp. 251-252 ; study and work on the ch. 4 Review in the back of the text pp. 253-258.

Reader’s Notebook pp. 167-168



Tuesday- Science pp. 47-48; this is a worksheet-the pages are in the text. Reader’s Notebook pp. 169,170, 171


Wednesday- Finish your coordinate plane worksheet. Online Chapter 4 Math Test postponed temporarily due to technical difficulties. May have to be rescheduled for Tuesday which will give you additional time to study and to work on the Chapter 4 Review.



Thursday –Spelling Test Lesson 11.

Finish your Social Studies worksheet on High-Tech Mapping; use your Social St. magazine to help you; think about what we read and discussed in class today; Math Chapter 5, pp. 265-266; keep studying for your Chapter 4 Math Test-Date-TBA



Friday – MATH TEXT p. 264 for hw over the weekend. CAC SHOW…Please complete all of your IXL skills that we’ve had for the past several weeks. Also continue to study for your Chapter 4 Math Test over the weekend.. COMPLETE the CHAPTER 4 REVIEW in the back of the Math text.

Notes for Parents: (over)


Please continue to check CPS Aspen Parent Portal to see your child’s grades. Very soon students will have a deadline for late work prior to Report Cards for 2nd qtr. Parents you must check Parent Portal to stay up to date on what your child is missing currently. Please get those assignments in ASAP.


The Weekly Reading Test for Lesson 11 and the Math Test for ch. 4 will both be Wednesday and the Lesson 11 Spelling Test will be Thursday.


Students should continue to work on IXL Math & ST Math at home as much as possible. Focus on IXL Multiplication and Division.